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Here at Austin Recycles we aim to inform and educate our viewers about recycling and the impact it has on the longevity of our earth. We'll streamline the information so that recycling doesn't have to be confusing! Learn about the different types of plastic, the policies in place, how to reduce and live sustainably, the services and programs available in your area, and how you can make a difference. Don't trash it if you can recycle it!


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Here at ATX Recycles we want to help you learn about recycling and environmental conservation activism. Read about international recycling advocacy and industrial sustainability projects, and if you have any tips or projects you would like to see highlighted then submit a blog post to our site!. We hope you have fun learning all the ways you can contribute to our planet, have a nice day :-)

image of bee's wrap

Bee's Wrap

Plastic wrap is great for covering and storing food, but not so great for the environment. It can be more costly to recycle plastic wrap than using natural materials. If plastic wrap isn't recycled, it could end up in the landfill and are not biodegradable and will remain intact for years. Alternatively, when PVC and PVDC is incinerated, it can release dioxin which is a highly toxic chemical. Opting for a reusable "plastic wrap" such as Bee's Wrap is more eco-friendly. They're made of organic cotton and beeswax therefore are also washable, compostable, and reusable. They're also only sourced from sustainable-managed hives. This business is great because they also boast that their packaging is completely recyclable and fully biodegradable. To use, wrap the Bee's Wrap around the targeted item and use your hands' warmth to seal. To reuse, wash in cool water and mild soap, then air dry before reusing again. As an added bonus, they also have antibacterial properties to keep food fresh.